Monday, 18 February 2013

Sunrise on Mam Tor.

The 'Shivering Mountain.'
My friend Phil and I set off bright and early last Friday, 5.00am to be precise. We gave ourselves plenty of time for the drive from Derby to Edale for the 7.14am sunrise. Once we got there, it was very muggy. Thick, low hanging cloud was in abundance; and it seemed like it may not clear in time for us to see the sun come up. After twenty to thirty minutes, we were rewarded for our early start.

The 'Great Ridge' before sunrise.

Across Edale Valley, as the morning started to brighten up.

The 'Great Ridge' and Hope Valley at sunrise.

Looking towards Hope.
There was still some snow on the slopes of Mam Tor.
View from the summit, down into Hope Valley.
The low cloud did hang around, though it did clear enough for some great pictures. Scenes like this keep pushing me to save up the money for a new camera. Although, the morning was so beautiful, I'm not sure that even a DSLR would be able to convey how I felt being there and looking upon it with my own eyes.

Here is my favourite picture from the morning...

Cracking views.