Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wild camping (near to) Win Hill - 10/12/12.

A frosty morning on Win Hill.
 Another wild camp, and another good experience attained. It's not surprising though, as I am coming to really enjoy being out and about. So much so, that I do feel a bit cooped up if I don't get out during the month. I now very much look forward to my next outing, so much so that I tend to be planning my next trip while on the train home from my last! I can't say I'm surprised with myself. Right from the start I have always taken great enjoyment from walking and the idea of camping, which I have now begun to delve into. Something else that intrigued me since my first outing, was the site of this most recent wild camp; Win Hill...

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wild Camp / walk. First time in; the woods, new tent and new boots.

Sunrise on 'Win Hill.'
So I've been out again. Newly equipped with a bigger, more comfortable tent and a more substantial pair of boots, venturing into the woods for the first time. I set off on Monday with a definite wild camp location and a plan in place for the next day. One that I did consider changing a couple of times once I had got to Bamford. After the day I had on Tuesday, however; I'm more than glad that I stuck to my first thoughts...