Sunday, 28 October 2012

Edale to Kinder Scout and back again...

Looking down towards Edale.

So I thought I'd quickly throw up an entry about my first real walk around the Edale "skyline." It was a great way to test just how enthusiastic I am about continuing what I've started to enjoy so much, and the day definitely didn't disappoint me. The views were excellent, I reached a new height and so did my enjoyment level, at the top of Kinder Scout...

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A steady introduction...

So, over the last month or so; I've eased myself in gently. There isn't a much finer place for it than the Dark Peak area of the Peak District. Or so I've read, and heard from many a source. It's pretty safe to say that this acclamation certainly rings true! I became a little overwhelmed with just how much walking there can be done in the area, and how great the views are from the top of every peak. This feeling of being overwhelmed quickly turned into a determination to explore every part of one particular area before I move onto the next. Thus, I have been back a couple more times to the place of my inception into walking; Edale Valley.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Big things often stem from small beginnings. (Or so I'm told)

...and so begins what will hopefully become, a mildly informative, narrative, perhaps at times; educational, 'blog' on my walking/camping/bushcrafting activities. I must admit, I am very new to 'blogging'. Which is to say, I have never 'blogged' before. Now that this is the last time I can say that, it will probably be that this is the last time I write the word under the safety net of inverted comma's.