Friday, 25 January 2013

Walk and wild camping (near to) Bamford Moor - 4/1/13.

Stood at the end of Bamford Edge overlooking Ladybower Reservoir.
So, It's been far too long since the time of my last post and I haven't even started my write-up of this trip yet. I've had a lot of thing going on, and I was without a computer for a bout a week which is the main reason for my lack of posting. I have decided to forget the write up and just post my favourite pictures from the trip instead! So, less of my long winded story telling and more good views to appreciate this time round...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Moors and more moors. Walks and wild camp from Hathersage.

Looking over Moscar Moor and to Bamford Moor, just under Stanage Edge. Win Hill and Lose Hill visible in the distance.
Back from my first trip out of 2013, and a great trip it was too. I tested myself on more than one score, and it wasn't all good either. Nothing too serious, but it put a bit of a dampener on part of the outing. My friend John accompanied me for a wild camp on/near Bamford Moor and a walk the next day up to and along Stanage edge.