Friday, 25 January 2013

Walk and wild camping (near to) Bamford Moor - 4/1/13.

Stood at the end of Bamford Edge overlooking Ladybower Reservoir.
So, It's been far too long since the time of my last post and I haven't even started my write-up of this trip yet. I've had a lot of thing going on, and I was without a computer for a bout a week which is the main reason for my lack of posting. I have decided to forget the write up and just post my favourite pictures from the trip instead! So, less of my long winded story telling and more good views to appreciate this time round...

Im not going to make it quite that easy though! I will quickly outline what I got up to. Don't worry, I do mean quickly!

I arrived on the friday (4th January) in Hathersage. It's a lovely village. Bigger than Edale, Hope and Bamford from what I have seen of these three other. Plenty more shops, if that's your thing, and a few more places to eat and so on. I headed for Carl Wark Fort, which was the main thing I wanted to have a look around that day. When I got up onto Hathersage Moor, I decided to check out Higger Tor aswell. After some lunch, I headed North to Cowper Stone, and then back down into Hathersage to meet up with John.

After a couple of hours in the pub and a bit of a catch up, we headed out to our chosen wild camp spot (near), Bamford Moor. It was about 7-8pm when we finally set off, and so it was dark. Headtorches and map at the ready - off we went. We followed the footpath past the church, Brookfeld Manor, Bronte Cottage and Green's House. When then, with the fog having dropped upon us; decided to follow the road past Bolehill Wood on our left. Trying to follow the footpath through the bracken up onto Bamford Moor was an arduous task. We managed, though; and arrived at our destination finally. The next exercise in difficulty was to find a spot in the dark that was flat and clear enough for our tents. But we did settle eventually. The evening had been a good learning and developmental process in our navigational skills, and I think we did well. The evening was my first time using my Trangia meths burner, which worked very well leaving me thoroughly impressed with it. The night was windy but not cold, and I slept very very well.

In the morning, I awoke to a distinct pain in my right knee. I couldn't and still can't put my finger on what I may have done but the full day was then a great effort. I limped pretty much every step, making the injury worse and worse. It turned out that I strained my lateral knee ligament. Again, no idea how it happened. But the Saturday was painful to say the least.

With another site in mind for the day, I didn't let me knee deter me. We walked along Bamford Edge and came to said site, Hordron Edge stone circle. It was definitely worth the effort. It was a very peaceful site which did leave me feeling slightly more spiritually refreshed and determined to complete the day. Instead of skirting the edge around Moscar Moor, we walked across the moors to the foot of Stanage Edge and came up to Crow Chin Rocks. We then walked along Stanage Edge, but I could only manage as far as High Neb. At that point I had had enough, and rightly so I say! We descended from the Edge via the footpath that brings you down through Stanage Plantation and past North Lees Camp site. Once back in Hathersage, after a huge sigh of relief - we tucked into some dinner and afterwards went our separate ways. I did have a great time again, but I was hobbling around for the next 7-10days. I've only really got back to full(ish) fitness over the last couple of days.

Now, I shall leave you with some pictures;

Looking back while on the way to Hathersage Moor. The Great Ridge can be seen in the distance.
Higger Tor.
Carl Wark Fort from Higger Tor.
Carl Wark.
Stairs to Carl Wark Fort.
The wall at the top of Carl Wark Fort.
Southward view from Carl Wark fort.
Cowper Stone.
Cowper Stone trig point.
Murky morning (near) Bamford Moor.
Morning across Bamford Moor towards Stanage Edge. Can you see the tents?
Morning Camp.
Groggy morning view from my Vango Tempest 200.
Bamford Edge.
Win Hill from Bamford Edge.
One of the best views in the Peak District?
Disused mine shaft?
Hordron Edge Stone Circle.
Win Hill and Lose Hill from Hordron Edge Stone Circle.
My Berghaus Tarazed GTX technical boots. Performing very well still. Tough to break in but very waterproof.
Walking across Moscar Moor was not all fun, with bogs like this dotted everywhere.
Boundary Stone at Stanage End.
A rock climber on Stanage Edge.
High Neb trig point.

Hathersage train station.