Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First impressions of my new pack - Osprey Mutant 38L

Not bad for a freebie, eh?
So, Ive been thinking about subscribing to an 'outdoor' magazine for a while. Mainly so that I have something to read when I go wild camping. In recent months, most have been offering free gifts to try persuade people to go for their magazine in particular. A Jetboil 'Zip' and a Paramo 'Fuera' smock were offered quite recently, but I already have a cooking set up that I am happy with and a windproof smock that suits me to the ground. I noticed the other day, that 'The Great Outdoors' magazine had begun to offer a free Osprey pack - and I knew that it'd be worth a punt...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Matlock to Matlock Bath - 02/03/13

Looking up the River Derwent towards High Tor.
So, today; Sophia and I decided to take the train to Matlock to have a nice walk together. I enjoyed it a lot, as its not often that we both go walking together. We ended up taking route through Matlock Dale, back to Matlock Bath. It was a lovely White Peak walk, in an area that I have been to before, albeit not with my walking head [or walking gear] on. It was a nice day weather-wise. A little cold when the wind picked up, but when the sun appeared it became pleasant until it retreated behind the clouds again.