Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Matlock to Matlock Bath - 02/03/13

Looking up the River Derwent towards High Tor.
So, today; Sophia and I decided to take the train to Matlock to have a nice walk together. I enjoyed it a lot, as its not often that we both go walking together. We ended up taking route through Matlock Dale, back to Matlock Bath. It was a lovely White Peak walk, in an area that I have been to before, albeit not with my walking head [or walking gear] on. It was a nice day weather-wise. A little cold when the wind picked up, but when the sun appeared it became pleasant until it retreated behind the clouds again.

Matlock and Matlock Bath are lovely little villages for a short walk, certainly worth visiting in the summer. With numerous pubs and plenty with beer gardens, I could happily sit outside most of a warm day. That said, both villages tend to fill with bikers when the weather is fine.

As usual, I took the camera with me; and so though I would share some of the pictures here on my blog.

Looking down into Matlock.
Sophia, eager to get going.
Riber Castle.
There were still some remnants of snow left.
High Tor.
When the sun came out, it was quite warm.
En route to Matlock Bath.
The 'Heights of Abraham' cable cars.
Robins in Matlock Bath.
The fish pond in Matlock Bath.
Matlock Bath.
Waiting for the train back to Derby.