Monday, 22 October 2012

Big things often stem from small beginnings. (Or so I'm told)

...and so begins what will hopefully become, a mildly informative, narrative, perhaps at times; educational, 'blog' on my walking/camping/bushcrafting activities. I must admit, I am very new to 'blogging'. Which is to say, I have never 'blogged' before. Now that this is the last time I can say that, it will probably be that this is the last time I write the word under the safety net of inverted comma's.
I do find blogging to be, or have up until now, quite an awkward thing for me to do myself. As much as I enjoy reading the blogs of others, I can never help but think that mine wouldn't be read with the same enthusiasm. But that said, I enjoy reading about the outdoor trips and activities of others as much as I enjoy my own while out there doing them. Perhaps someone, somewhere will find the same satisfaction here. If that rings true for even one person, then I'd be happy with that. If nothing else, this will allow me to keep record of my experiences on the land before it all disappears underneath concrete and tarmac. Im looking forward to mapping my progress in developing my knowledge and confidence in what I have come to enjoy so much of late.

Thanks for reading this short introduction, I shall try to enter something of value soon. :)