Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wild Camp / walk. First time in; the woods, new tent and new boots.

Sunrise on 'Win Hill.'
So I've been out again. Newly equipped with a bigger, more comfortable tent and a more substantial pair of boots, venturing into the woods for the first time. I set off on Monday with a definite wild camp location and a plan in place for the next day. One that I did consider changing a couple of times once I had got to Bamford. After the day I had on Tuesday, however; I'm more than glad that I stuck to my first thoughts...

After having explored the areas North, West, and - in part - East of Edale's skyline; I decided that I might try the peaks to the South - the 'Great Ridge.' But not after my first wild camp in the woods near to a hill that I've always looked upon in the distance, Win Hill.

I will post a full write up over the next couple of days when I have chance to get it done.