Wednesday, 6 March 2013

It's all gone quiet.....but not for long.

My Vango Tempest 200, which I use for wild camping. Excellent tent.
It's all gone a bit quiet for me at the minute. Work and other commitments have meant that my friends and I haven't been able to get out for a walk in the last couple of weeks. Wild camping has been put on hold while I sort myself out with a new sleeping bag too, but...

I shall be out and about again very soon, probably this month if my work rota permits. I have sorted out a sleeping bag now, after selling my previous one. I decided that it was a bit too bulky and heavy to carry on using when there are bags that are a hell of a lot smaller and lighter within my budget. I've also been messing around with my kit and started to organise exactly what I do and don't need. This has led to me getting rid of a few bits and pieces, and adding some to my shopping list. I've rearranged my pack to make it lighter as a result.

I suppose this is what happens as you become more and more immersed into the world of walking and camping. You learn more, develop a greater knowledge of what is good and bad gear; and more to the point - exactly what YOU need and don't need. I've sold on bits and pieces that others regard as necessary, but I never used myself. That's just how it goes. It's not a good or bad thing really, but for me it's onwards and upwards. I'm changing from synthetic to a down sleeping bag, which some may regard as a big change. I've been thinking it over for a while if I'm honest, and it seems a no brainer to me. My synthetic bag had a lower limit temperature of 0*c, measured about 40 x 35cm when packed, and weighed about 1.9kg. The down bag that I am going for has the same lower limit, but packs down to 15 x 25cm and weighs 900g. As long as I keep it dry, use a liner (which will only improve its warmth capability), and store it properly - it could last anywhere up to 10 - 15 years. As I said, no brainer! I will eventually buy a smaller rucksack too, which will be lighter. A travel tap is on my list, which will reduce the amount of water I need to carry in.... It's all a learning experience, and I'm enjoying it.

I have a plan in place for my next camping trip, so keep your eyes open for my next wild camp post...