Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Karrimor Elite Ridge 2 tent modification.

I made a minor modification to my new Karrimor Elite Ridge 2 tent. The general gist of it is to make packing it away slightly easier...

When packing a tent away, the most annoying part of it for me is the guylines. Hanking, or tying them up is always a bit of a chore, especially in cold weather as I suffer from a much depreciated lack of dexterity. As such, I thought up something to take away the need to tie any knots or really fiddle with the lines too much at all. A length of shockcord, tied in a loop to the guy points, with a toggle on the end and that's it. I've yet to test it in an actual camp scenario, but indoors it seems faster than hanking the cord or tying any sort of knot to prevent the lines from becoming a big tangled mess.