Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Next walk; The Roaches and Lud's Church...

Picture taken from www.erewashvalleywildlife.org.uk.
This Friday, I shall be venturing into Staffordshire and to The Roaches. Just south of Buxton, north of Leek - it will be my first visit to the White Peak area of the Peak District. The plan is to walk an approximate 10mile route around The Roaches, stopping at Lud's Church for a look around, and a drive up to The Cat & Fiddle afterwards.
There are a few spots that I'm definitely wanting to stop and have a look at. Lud's Church being the most obvious, but I also will be stopping at Doxey's Pool and hopefully Black Mere. There is a lot of history around Lud's Church, and a spooky story or two surrounding the two mysterious pools. So be prepared for some informational ramblings on in my write up.