Monday, 5 November 2012

Kinder Mountain Rescue; incident report - 1/11/12.

Kinder Mountain Rescue cover the whole of the Kinder Plateau.
I decided to have a look around on the internet, to see if I could find any local news or reports on the events that I became semi-involved in on Thursday 1st November.
I'd already looked for the nearest hospital, because the helicopter had gone off Kinder Scout towards Hayfield rather than Hope/Bamford - the direction from which it came on. Because of that fact, I assumed the chap had been taken to hospital; but I wanted to see if I could find exactly what happened.

After some browsing, I found the website for the Kinder Mountain Rescue Team. Upon this website, I managed to find a brief write-up of the incident. Here it is, taken directly from the website;

"33: Callout Thursday 1st November 20

  • Type – Collapsed Walker
  • Location – Edale Rocks area of Plateau
  • Team members – 24 KMRT plus Glossop MRT and Rescue 128 RAF Sea King
  • Duration 4 Hours or 96 man hours for KMRT
We were called to evacuate a walker who had collapsed up on the plateau. The team was called but due to holidays and the time of day, we were getting a low turn out. Back up was requested from Glossop MRT to assist in a stretcher carry off. However, due to the condition of the casualty, air support was also requested. We were fortunate to get assistance from Rescue 128, based at Leconfield – crewed by some of the RAF chaps we had trained with earlier in the year. It picked up our casualty and dropped him down to Hayfield where he was transferred into an EMAS ambulance.

Neale Pinkerton
Team Leader

November 2nd, 2012"

I've taken this as a warning, that even if you think you know what you're doing and are confident in your abilities - something like this is never a million miles away from you. It may even happen to you. Im hoping the guy is making/has made a full recovery.